Lucid Listening

Attending To Self and Others



I tend to be informal and "active" in counseling sessions.  I don't just sit and say "uh huh." 

I like to use humor, when humor can be used. 

My framework is secular and rational. 

Appointments are usually "55 minute hours," unless otherwise specified.  Most clients like weekly sessions, but some prefer less frequent appointments.

If more than one family member is to be involved in sessions, we will need to decide who is "the client."  Only one person can be "the client" per session (this is an insurance rule, not mine.)

My orientation is the Biopsychosocial model.*  I will probably ask you what your goal is for our time together. 

 - Dr. Dev Chilson


 *Mental and emotional distress can affect the biological level of functioning, such as sleep and appetite; the psychological level, such as unpleasant recurring thoughts and feelings; and the social level, such as family relationships.  Changes at any of these levels can improve well-being.